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Little Red Riding Hood picking flowers in the forest. A wolf is sneeking up behind her. Fashion photographyFashion Photography

PORTRAIT collaboration with Lauradale's Siberians


     This is a photoshoot that I have been wanting to do as a portrait photographer for a long time. Todays portrait photography theme was a reinactment of "Little Red Riding Hood". For this fashion portrait, I needed a dog that looked like a wolf. What better place to turn to than "Lauradale's Siberians" I talked to the owner of Lauradale's Siberians (Laura Pyle), and she said she had the perfect Siberian Husky for this portrait photography photoshoot. When I saw "Rozlin", I knew this was the perfect Siberian Husky to play the part of a wolf in this portrait. As photographers in Johnstown pa, I knew Lauradale's Siberians was the place to go to find the highest quality Siberian Huskies. In fact some of her huskies were hand picked to perform in the Walt Disney movie "Eight Below"! Now that I had the part of the wolf filled, I just needed someone to play the part of Little Red Riding Hood. Murphy Cononie; a senior at Forest Hills High School, was a perfect fit for this part. Murphy did a portrait perfect job in this fashion photography photoshoot. We will be seeing Murphy more in the months to come because we will be doing her senior portraits. I initially thought that this would be a tough shot to get, but Laura's husky Rozlin did an outstanding job and was well behaved. Murphy also did and awesome job and was very patient as I set up my lighting.

     Thanks so much Laura, Rozlin and Murphy for participating in this unique fashion photography photoshoot. I love setting up and experimenting with portrait photography with a fashion flare. Please contact us, if you have any ideas or if you would like us to photograph you so that we can set up an appt. Also, special thanks to Cody Law, Connor Law and Betsy Glessner for all of their awesome help throughout the whole portrait setup.  Crystal Law, thanks for loaning me the Longaberger basket! Please feel free to comment and share this blog to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that more people are able to see this photo. Thanks for visiting our website and reading our portrait photography blog. Please remember, if you are looking for photographers in Johnstown pa, we are the ones to call.


Glessner Photography
Thank you everyone. Murphy and Rozlin did a great job. Thanks Lauradale's Siberians!
Laura Pyle - Lauradale's Siberians(non-registered)
This turned out amazing! We were so happy to be a part of this photoshoot!
Carol Wargo(non-registered)
this is beautiful. the setting is gorgeous and the "wolf" is amazing. Murphy is the perfect Little Red Riding Hood. can't wait to see her senior photo shoot!!! Grandma is PROUD!!
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