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Fashion portrait of woman being lifted into air by wizard. Fashion photography, Portrait photography.Portrait Photography JOHNSTOWN PA. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS "THE QUEST FOR POWER"


      This photoshoot was a real challenge. I will start out by telling you how I came up with this idea. A few months ago I had a thought about taking a photo in the woods. I wasn't sure where the location would be, but I wanted it to have alot of tall trees and an open space in order to set up some equipment. My initial thoughts were to have the subject standing in front with her back towards me and then have a light deep in the woods shining back at me. I also wanted to have some wind blowing in her face as if there was some type of force coming from that light. As the weeks went on and we were still waiting for that awesome red dress to be delivered, I decided that it would make a bigger impact if I place a magician in the background and have it appear that he was lifting her up with his incredible power!

So now the idea was ready to go and all I needed was some snow on the ground and trees to make the red dress stand out more. Finally the opportunity presented itself. It was kind of short notice so we packed up the kids and all of my photographic equipment and headed to my sisters house. As soon as we arrived it started to snow really hard. I have to admit that I was a little upset because all of my equipment was about to get wet! Looking back on everything, I was glad it did snow because it made the photo look that much better.  Everyone stayed in my sisters house until I had everything set up back in the woods, and let me tell you it was quite a hike with all of my equipment.  I finally got everything set up the way I wanted it and got all of my exposures spot on. Everybody came out and got into place. I don't think my wife was too happy about standing in the snow in her bare feet, but she took it like a champ! The timing was a bit challenging, trying to snap the photo at the exact time my wife jumped into the air, but we did it with only a few takes.

I love taking pictures like this because I get to use my imagination and really think about what I am doing. I really wanted this photo to have a fantasy/fairytale look to it and I think I was able to capture that. We would also like to expand our business into the realm of fashion photography, and I believe that this photo is a great place to start that adventure.  A special thanks to Taylor Law for holding the air compressor to add some wind to the scene, Connor Law for being the awesome magician who lifted my wife into the air (haha), and of course my beautiful wife for being the main subject in the red dress (and freezing her toes off). I love photography because now I can take all my crazy ideas and turn it into reality for everyone to see! Thanks to everyone for reading.

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joe Pyle(non-registered)
A really nice shot. I love all of the work that goes into a shot like this. Very well done image.
Triston Law(non-registered)
This is such an awesome picture I had to share it to all my friends. I want to see more!
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