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Engagement_Photography_Forest_Hills_Glessner_Photography-50Engagement_Photography_Forest_Hills_Glessner_Photography-50Engagement Photography Forest Hills Photographers.

Forest Hill Engagement Photography with Tony & Chelsea

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of taking engagement portraits for Tony and Chelsea.  We were so excited for this session, and we were not disappointed!  It turned out to be a beautiful, HOT fall morning. Tony and Chelsea were so much fun to work with and we are so excited to work with them next June for their wedding!  Let's learn a little more about this fun-loving couple.

Tony and I met when we were very little, preschool actually! We were in the same class at Sacred Heart School but afterward Tony attended grade school at Forest Hills while I went to Portage. Who would have guessed that over a decade later we would meet again and fall in love? Tony transferred in 10th grade to Portage but we didn’t really meet until our senior year, at one of those parties after the Friday night football games. The next day I got a message from Tony where he gave me his number. We knew we liked each other but we didn’t start dating until New Years Eve 2012/2013, halfway through senior year. He said he wanted to wait until the ball dropped on New Years to ask me to be his girlfriend, but he was just too excited and asked a little early. Tony’s not good with surprises, so four years later when he bought a ring to ask me to spend forever with him, I was shocked to learn that he had kept the ring a secret for a few months before popping the question. He said he couldn’t decide on the perfect time to give it to me, but his proposal ended up being very spur of the moment and just right. People say we are too young to get married, we have so much more to experience in this life. We say that we want to experience life together. He’s my best friend and we couldn’t be more excited to start this adventure!

Photo of us in preschool:


Thanks so much, Tony and Chelsea for choosing us to be your Johnstown, Pa engagementwedding photographers.  You are both great people to work with and we can't wait for your wedding next year!  Don't forget to share their engagement photos to Facebook by clicking on the "share" tabs at the top, middle and bottom of this page.  Remember, if you are looking for engagement and wedding photographers in Johnstown Pa, we are the ones to contact.


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