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Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-127Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-127Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Jordan and Erin's Engagement Session  By: Glessner Photography

Last weekend, we were able to finally get together with Jordan and Erin for their engagement session. We started the fun at The Sunken Gardens of Mt. Assisi and then went across the street to Saint Francis University, where they both attended college. We had a lot of fun with this wonderful couple and we are very much looking forward to their upcoming May wedding!  Let's learn a little more about this amazing couple.

Erin and I met at Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA. I was a sophomore studying to become a registered nurse and she was a senior finishing up her undergraduate studies in physician assistant sciences. It was through our involvement in the marching band that we came to meet. She was drum major and I was on the drum line. For those not familiar with marching bands, drum lines are notorious for not paying attention, getting into trouble, and, in general, just making things difficult. The SFU drum line was no exception so naturally we found ourselves spending a lot of time together.

            Later in the Fall we started dating and had our relationship tested very early on. In less than two weeks, we had nine emergent trips to the emergency department as Erin recurrently experienced anaphylaxis due to an unknown origin. The joke among our friends and families was that she was allergic to me because she had never experienced this before. Fortunately, we were able to make it through those stressful times and the many more to follow. Roughly a year and a half later we got engaged on June 11, 2017 in the Outer Banks. Now, we eagerly anticipate May 25, 2019 when we take our vows and officially begin our lives together. We are thankful for all those who helped us get to where we are today and we thank the Glessners for sharing this special day with us.

Thank you so much Jordan and Erin for choosing us to be your engagement and wedding photographers!  Please, click the Facebook "SHARE" tab at the top of this page, below this paragraph, or at the bottom of this page to share to Facebook and  remember, if you are looking for engagement photographers in Loretto PA, we are the ones to contact.

Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-17Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-17Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-6Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-6Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-30Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-30Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-18Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-18Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-5Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-5Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-45Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-45Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-49Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-49Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-36Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-36Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-55Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-55Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-67Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-67Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-70Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-70Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-78Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-78Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-82Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-82Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-104Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-104Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-111Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-111Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography. Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-129Engagement_Photography_Jordan_&_Erin_10-14-2018-129Engagement Photos by Glessner Photography.




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So happy for you both. Beautiful images, beautiful couple.
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