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Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-139Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-139Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com

A Fun Spring Engagement Session with Tom & Michelle   By: Glessner Photography

The other evening, we had such a great time.  We got to take engagement portraits at Forest Lawn Memorial Park with Tom and Michelle.  We were excited to work with this couple, and they certainly didn't disappoint!  Tom and Michelle are wonderful people and we are so excited to be able to work with them again in August during their wedding!  Let's learn a little more about them.

Tom and I knew each other for quite some time due to the fact that his brother David and my cousin Lindsay started dating back in 2004. So I would occasionally see him at some of my family functions. It wasn’t until August 2014 when I finally realized he was the one for me.  Our first date was when we went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy (which will forever be our movie).  We started dating September 18th, 2014. Fast forward a little bit to November 2017. We went to Gettysburg for a weekend trip.  He had a whole Saturday evening planned out (little did I know it would be the evening he would propose to me). We met some friends at a winery and sampled some wine, then moved things to the Gettysburg hotel bar to kill some time before our dinner reservation and had a few drinks there while enjoying the company of everyone. It wasn’t until we were walking back to the car in the rain that Tom got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. November 18th, 2017 was by far the best day of my life. And exactly 9 months from that night is the day we will be saying “I do” (August 18th, 2018).


Thanks so much, Tom and Michelle for choosing us to be your Johnstown, Pa engagementwedding photographers.  You guys were so great to work with and we can't wait for your wedding in a couple of months!  Don't forget to share their engagement photos to Facebook by clicking on the "share" tabs at the top, middle and bottom of this page.  Remember, if you are looking for engagement and wedding photographers in Johnstown Pa, we are the ones to contact.

Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-6Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-6Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-25Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-25Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-32Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-32Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-28Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-28Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-44Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-44Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-47Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-47Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-52Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-52Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-61Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-61Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-65Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-65Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-72Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-72Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-78Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-78Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-96Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-96Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-106Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-106Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-156Johnstown_PA_Engagement_Photography_5-11-2018-156Johnstown PA engagement photographers. www.ebglessner.com




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